Industry Analysis

Industry analysis from a governmental or regulatory point of view is a comprehensive endeavor that requires not only significant human resources but also advanced industry expertise and genuine understanding of the political, social and economic forces at play.

At PYI Consulting, we consider all key factors in our analysis:
Geographic area: is the study local, regional, national or international in scope?
Industry: what are the size, trends and outlook?
Product: is it a one-product sector or it is a complex, multi-layered one?
Buyers/potential buyers: who are the current customers or targets?

Who else could be effectively targeted?
Regulatory environment: what are the rules and laws currently governing the industry?
How much impact would a change in the regulations have on the industry? Performance
Are these potential changes in the hand of local, national or even international bodies?
These are just some of the preliminary considerations our Industry Analysis consultants tackle before digging deeper into issues that sometimes affect the livelihood of millions.